iOS App Postmortem: BBQ Menu

Now that January’s app – BBQ Menu – is available on the App Store, I thought I would do a quick postmortem for it. Postmortems will likely become a regular feature of this blog, and I suspect that they will normally be a little bigger than this one.

Development Time: ~15 Hours. This is a pretty rough estimate as I wasn’t keeping track of time. I have since started using Thyme to track my hours.

Review Time (time spent in the iOS app submission queue): 7 days

New technologies used: Everything! As this was my first app, everything was new, from UITableViews to Xcode to distribution and deployment.

Challenges: Aside from getting acclimated to an entirely new set of development tools, the hardest part was figuring out where to draw a line in terms of features. It’s a delicate balance between the desire for more features, and the desire for a simple, easy to use application.

Future plans: There are a number of bug fixes coming in the immediate future, and possibly some new features and a prettier UI shortly thereafter. If you have any feedback regarding BBQ Menu, please drop me a line!

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