iOS Pain Points – iTunes Connect’s “Sales and Trends”

The ‘Sales and Trends’ section is the worst dashboard/analytics platform I’ve ever seen. It’s combination of uselessness and bugginess is unmatched.

Let’s start off with a look at a few of the issues that I’m sure you’ve all seen before. Eagerly awaiting your sales numbers the morning after your app is released? Too bad.

You would think that Apple would at least do some basic QA to make sure stuff displays properly. But, they apparently don’t.

Grammar? What’s that?

The attention to detail is astounding.

But enough of the minor annoyances. The real problem with Sales and Trends is the lack of functionality.

When you select something from the dropdown above, you aren’t selecting a “week” or a “day”. You’re selecting the end period for some arbitrary, unknown date range. Why can’t I simply choose a date range to view results for? Why am I limited to viewing the results for the past X days or weeks, starting at day or week Y?

Why can I only view data for the past few weeks? Apple is one of the richest companies in the history of the universe, but they can’t even spend a few fractions of a penny on a few extra bytes of storage for historic data?

Why can’t I filter the results by product?

Why does it always show me ‘Free Apps’ by default, instead of remembering that I was previously on the ‘Paid Apps’ view, and that every single time I log in, the first thing I do is click on ‘Paid Apps’?

Why does Apple’s development ecosystem continue to frustrate and disappoint?

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