iOS App Postmortems – Which Episode?

Which Episode? is now available on the app store, and that means it’s time for another postmortem.

Development Time:

  • ~8h

Review Time (time spent in the iOS app submission queue):

  • 9 days

New technologies I learned and used:

  • The only real new thing here was iOS 5’s handy NSJSONSerialization class, which is used to look up your TV shows and download posters form them.


  • The biggest problem here was figuring out where to get posters of TV shows. After initially settling on, I became unhappy with the (movie-centric) quality of the results, and the inability to retrieve more than one image in case of multiple shows with the same name.
    So after looking around for quite some time, and being continuously disappointed in either the licensing or the technology of each particular solution, I stumbled across and their ridiculously awesome API. Problem solved!

Future plans: The main change that will likely be coming in the future is the ability to browse between different images for your shows, just in case the default image is for the wrong show. For an example of where this would be handy, try searching for ‘Angel’. You won’t get a show about vampires.

Aside from that, the application does everything I want it do do, and aside from user requests, it likely won’t get too many more features. So as always, please let me know if there’s anything you would like to see in it!

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