iOS App Postmortems – Gym Calculator

Gym Calculator is now available on the app store.

This will be a rather short postmortem as it’s such a small application. But don’t worry, I have some things in the pipeline that will warrant much longer ones…


Gym Calculator is an app that does the math for you when you are at the gym. It lets you quickly add up your plates to figure out how much weight you are doing. You can also give it a target weight, and it will tell you exactly what plates to put on the bar to achieve it.

Development Time:

~7 hours.

Review Time (time spent in the iOS app submission queue):

9 days.

New technologies I learned and used:

There wasn’t anything particularly new here. I guess the most notable new ‘technology’ was that Gym Calculator was the first app I created from the ground up with the 4″ iPhone in mind.


The main challenges were not implementation issues, but small-scale design decisions. For example, the app supports conversion between pounds and kilograms, but metric and imperial olympic weight sets are different. Should a 45lb bar convert to a 20.4 kg bar (the mathematical equivalent), or to a 20 kg bar (the real-world equivalent)? I chose the latter.

Future plans:

Aside from bug fixes,  I don’t see too much development happening on Gym Calculator in the future. It’s such a small app that there’s not really too many other things I could do with it.

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