iOS App Postmortems: PhoToDo

February’s app – PhoToDo – is now available on the App Store, and just like last month, here is the postmortem for it.

Development Time:

  • ~23 Hours or so, over a period of about three weeks.

Review Time (time spent in the iOS app submission queue):

  • 8 days the first time. Rejected due to a crash when running on the iPad.
  • 5 days the second time.

New technologies I learned and used:

  • Sqlite3
  • UIActionSheets
  • UIPickerViews
  • UITabBars
  • UIImagePickerControllers


  • Designing the details screens to fit everything I wanted. I’m still not thrilled with the result, but it will have to do for now. This challenge will only get larger as I add more features to the application.
  • Overcoming some hurdles with UITableViews, and trying to figure out how to bend static cells to my will.
  • The App Store review process and waiting game. This will likely be the target of a blog post in the near future. On the bright side, I learned an important lesson – always test your app on the iPod simulator as well as the iPhone simulator!

Future plans: Version 1.1 is already in development. Here are some of the things I would like to see in 1.1 and beyond:

  • Support for reminder notifications for tasks with a due date
  • The ability to search your tasks & notes
  • The ability to add new tasks and notes directly from the task/note details screen
  • More photo editing/manipulation tools

As always, please let me know if you have any feature requests or ideas!

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