iOS Pain Points – the App Review Waiting Game

My latest app was uploaded on July 9. It’s now July 19 – almost two full weeks worth of business days later – and approval is nowhere to be found. Granted, I’ve had pretty good luck so far, with most of my apps being approved in a week or so, but this is getting annoying.

What exactly am I paying $99 per year for? Forced upgrades, woefully inadequate development tools, constantly changing rules, a black-box review process? In short, why is Apple’s entire developer ecosystem so incredibly mediocore?

Am I wrong to expect better from one of the richest companies in the history of the world? Why can’t they hire a few more temps to help get through the app backlog and speed up the review times?

I believe that to a certain extent, Apple itself has caused many of these problems themselves , as the current app store rules encourage quick hacks and one-and-done applications.

As always, none of this matters, as Apple is simply not interested in the opinions of a small-time app developer. They are content to sit on their laurels and rake in their billions.

(And yes, there’s definitely a lot of bitterness in this post. Sorry.)

EDIT: Ironically, my app was approved the day after posting this. Thanks for listening, Apple!

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