A tape-delay app store in a real-time world

Since I’m currently playing the app store review process waiting game once again, I started thinking about how different the app store is from the rest of the technology world.

As we all know, the time it takes from the moment you submit your application to the moment it is live on the app store can be days, weeks, or even more. I find it quite amusing that the app store is essentially moving in the opposite direction as the rest of the industry.

We live in a world of push notifications, live streaming, real-time everything, instant deployment via git push, and ultra-short feedback loops between the developer and the user. Comparatively speaking, Apple’s app store processes are stuck in the 80’s. Nothing says agile and proactive like waiting two weeks for your app to be reviewed, only to have it denied by Apple due to a two-minute bug fix, right?!? Yeah. Not quite.

But doesn’t Apple need these processes to protect its users? What about security? Reliability? Spam? Blah blah blah. All I hear are excuses.

I want to be able to push new versions of my apps with git. I want to be able to fix bugs without a two week lag time. I want Apple to use their vast brains and pocketbooks to figure out how to make things better. I don’t want more excuses. Besides, it’s not like the current process are perfect anyway.

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