The App Buying Experience

I recently attempted to purchase an app from the app store on my iPhone, and I must say, the experience was quite hilarious. Here is a rough overview of the process (from memory, so apologies if a few details are off):

  1. Tap the price
  2. Tap buy
  3. Enter my password
  4. Get prompted to enter in three security questions
  5. Tap not now
  6. Wait a while, notice that nothing is happening
  7. Tap buy
  8. Tap OK when prompted to enter in my security questions
  9. Select my questions and answers
  10. Tap ok
  11. Tap buy
  12. Get prompted to verify my credit card into
  13. Tap continue
  14. Enter in my credit card info
  15. Tap done

And there you have it – buying apps in only 15 easy steps!

I was going to make a snarky comment about how Apple should license Amazon’s one-click buying patent, but apparently they already have. Joke’s on me.


  1. Don’t you think that’s for your safety and the safety of the kids clicking on in-store purchases and causing thousands of dollars for parents because lot’s of developers invest in sneaky in-app purchases rather than investing that energy and time to make the app more feature rich where the user actually buys them instead of getting tricked into. Amazon’s one-click is the most dangerous and suited for short-attention span generation than protecting anything from a purchase. People value their $$ more than few clicks, if you are rich you may not value it that much and want one click, but for lot of people $1 for a stupid ring tone or wall paper or the kid can make the same cookie with different color is not worth it.


    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. That’s an interesting point that I hadn’t considered.
      However, I would like to think (or perhaps hope) that it’s possible to find a balance between safety and user experience. For example, iOS already includes parental controls that let you disable in-app purchases or set the password timeout. Now perhaps these should be cranked up to the max by default, but as someone who doesn’t have kids, I would personally prefer a better user experience than the steps I described above. Granted, some of those steps – such as the security questions – were one-time steps.


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