iOS Pain Points: Xcode debugger failures

If you’ve ever done much iOS development, you’ve probably experienced the fun of Xcode debugger failures. One of the most popular ones is a hang at ‘Attaching to (name of your app)’, which seems to mysteriously appear once in a while. The StackOverflow post for it lists dozens of possible solutions, some or all of which may accomplish absolutely nothing. In my most recent case, none of the fixes mentioned solved the problem. I eventually rolled back my changes (thanks to ‘git reset –hard HEAD’), and things started to work again.

The sad part? My changes consisted entirely of adding icons to the project and setting up the Icons plist. I’m not sure what bizzaro world Xcode lives in where adding icons to a project is enough to completely and utterly destroy the debugger, but somehow that was apparently the case.

As if that wasn’t enough, I ran into another issue shortly thereafter. This time it was the ever-popular ‘Couldn’t register (name of your app) with the bootstrap server’. Fortunately, StackOverflow came to the rescue once again, and I was back in business after a reboot.

It’s really quite depressing that Visual Studio 6 – which is almost 15 years old at this point – offered a better overall debugging experience than even the newest version of Xcode.

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