App Per Month – 4 Month Review

The blog has been around for about four months now, so I thought it would be nice to do a little retrospective of what happend, and a look at what’s to come.

I have released 3 apps so far: BBQ Menu, PhoToDo, and Feeling Blue?. Sales have not been stellar, but they have been slowly improving.

Website traffic has been consistently increasing, which is quite encouraging.

My most popular post, by far, has been Filtering a UITableView with a search bar. It accounts for a significant percentage of the blog’s traffic.

And as for 2012’s goals? Let’s have a look.

  • Sign up for the iOS Developer Program *Complete!*
  • Release my first app to the app store by the end of January *Slightly late, but close*
  • Release some open-source Objective-C code *Complete!*
  • Start answering Objective-C or iOS questions on Stack Overflow *Complete!*
  • Blog at least twice per week *Slightly behind schedule*
  • Come up with 10 legitimate ideas for App Store apps *3 down, 1 in development, a few more ideas in the works*
  • Implement and release one of those 10 ideas every month or so *On track so far*
Not a bad report card so far, I think. Here’s hoping 2012 continues to rock!

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